Finance Information

Paying for childcare

We charge for 51 weeks of the year, so your monthly fee will be your weekly fee multiplied by 51 weeks then divided by 12 months. Parents can pay nursery fees by cash, cheque, childcare vouchers or on-line banking.


We accept childcare vouchers as part or full payment of your child’s nursery costs. Childcare Vouchers is a scheme some employers offer to help working parents save on registered childcare costs. Childcare vouchers are not means tested and are available to all working parents whose companies operate childcare voucher schemes.

Childcare Funding for 2, 3 to 4 year olds

We are pleased to be able to offer FREE funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year old children. If your child is eligible they will be entitled to up to 15 hours per week, for 38 weeks of the year. For funded places there is an additional daily charge of £5 to cover the cost of meals, drinks and extra curriculum activities. To find out if you are eligible for funding please contact us for more information on 01162 607933 or visit

Financial information on childcare costs 

For further information on financial help that may be available to you for childcare costs please visit


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